Mini Muncher purees and meals are packaged in BPA free containers. Each puree portion contains 130g of product. Our Smooth range portions are suitable for 2 servings per container depending on your baby’s appetite. Our Textured range is equivalent to one serving  depending on your baby’s appetite. The 10 month plus and children’s range contain 200g of product. You can feed your baby or child direct from the container or serve in a bowl and place the remaining serving in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours. If your baby doesn’t finish the purees when feeding directly from our containers we recommend discarding the rest of the purees. Each serving can be stored easily overnight in the fridge and  then heated on the stove.  If choosing to microwave our purees, the contents of the containers must be placed into a separate bowl or different container. Our BPA free containers are microwaveable but our labels are NOT suitable to be placed in the microwave. Frozen Mini Muncher purees and meals can be thawed easily in warm water or overnight in the refrigerator. Mini Muncher purees can be served cold or warm and our meals require heating.