Brownie Cake

Rp175.000 excluding tax

Why have a slice when you can enjoy and share the cake! There are 7 slices in one cake to be enjoyed every day of the week or as you please. These are high in fiber, protein, pmega-3, sneak in a serve of vegetables and are truly delicious. Top it with some berries or fruits of choice and cream for extra indulgence. A great family favourite that I’m sure you will enjoy too.

Product Description

A fantastic way to either nourish or sneak in some extra vege with these delicious brownies! The highest ingredient being a vegetable these pack in a punch of nutrition with oats for added protein, flax seeds for omega-3 and raw cacao powder for antioxidants. Perfect to send to school frozen and let it thaw out or as an afternoon snack, sprinkled on porridge or even a smoothie. These have been enjoyed by both the young and the old. Just don”t tell anyone it has any vege!

Suitable from 12 months plus to adult

Ingredients: organic beetroot,  butter, organic rolled oats, organic coconut sugar, organic raw cacao, flax seed meal, purified water, aluminum free baking powder

**** Can be made vegan upon request using coconut oil.

Healthy baby toddler kids delivery food catering Bali using organic ingredients where ever possible.


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