Not Quite Cherry Ripe

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An all time favourite of mine was Cherry Ripe when growing up. This re creation of a classic is a healthy version with added protein by the addition of cooked quinoa. We hand make our own chocolate using the finest ingredients and layer our not quite cherry ripe mixture between. A healthy guilt free treat for all to enjoy.

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A twist on the class Cherry Ripe except healthy and with a hit of protein. These are hand made with love using our own raw chocolate blend. Containing no cherries hence the title Not Quite Cherry Ripe this will satisfy any sweet cravings with out any guilty feelings. We love this bar and I’m sure you will too. Even those who aren’t a fan of the regular type are totally loving our version!

Serving Size : 50g

Healthy baby toddler kids delivery food catering Bali using organic ingredients where ever possible.


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