Hi There! I’m Silv, a mother of two and passionate about feeding my family healthy food. When I first moved to Bali several years ago, I noticed the lack healthy and nutritious child friendly food available in for families living in Bali and holiday makers.

With a degree in Health Science, I definitely understand the importance of nutrition at an early age. After much anticipation I launched Mini Muncher in 2015 and have never looked back. I can confidently say there is now healthy, organic, nutritious, additive free baby and kids food in Bali.

What started as baby food has now grown into kids meals, snacks, a healthy school lunch delivery program, muesli bars, salad jars with an advanced range called Mighty Muncher. If you love feeding your family with delicious healthy food then this is certainly for you! Being passionate about cooking I also share my recipes of eats and treats for the whole family to enjoy.


  1. Hi
    I was just wondering how this works? We are headed to Bali on the 30/8 and Ruth 3 boys we are wanting to get some healthy meals. Do you deliver to Club Bali Suites in Legian ? How long do the meals stay fresh for ? Can we order once we get to Bali or do we need to order in advance?

    • Hi Rachael,
      Yes we do deliver to Legian. The meals are delivered frozen and last 3 days in the fridge and 6 months in the freezer. Best to order in advance please as we are rather busy at present. Thank you kindly

  2. Nura Bahrom

    I have added items in cart. The billing details/address shows that country in Indonesia , and I would like to deliver to the hotel im staying. Possible to input the hotel address instead? As for payment to direct banking, how does it works? Appreciate your reply. Thanks!

  3. Hi, I am travelling to Bali in April with my 10month old. I am looking to order some of the baby purées to be delivered to Ubud and then Seminyak. I am worried about my bub getting an upset tummy. Are your meals made with purified water etc? Thanks in advance

    • Hi Amanda,

      I hear your concern and totally understand. Its one of the reasons why I started Mini Muncher. Yes indeed our meals are made with reverse osmosis filtered water that we test daily. I ope this settles your mind and please feel free to ask any other questions. Thank you

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