1. Halo… saya kesulitan utk order krn alamat tidak muncul, bs dibantu?
    Order puree :
    Beef 1
    Cauliflower and carrot 1

    Saya menginap di horison seminyak tgl 12-14 des. Apa bisa di pick up? Atau diantar? Lalu porsinya utk brp kali makan?


  2. Hey mini muncher do you have any available food to be delivered for today if I was to purchase today I just got in last night. Including sweet potato chips?

    We staying in seminyak

  3. Felicia

    How quickly can we get delivery to Legion? Desperate as my kids 1 and 3 are dairy, spy and wheat free

  4. Kristy Jowono

    Omg this is amazing! We arrive in canggu this Friday 16th staying for 4 days (yes I realise Saturday is nyepi) then Jimbaran in a resort for 5 days after that I have a 9 month old who hates packet food!! Please help

  5. Trying to order online but I canโ€™t find where I am supposed to check out?? Thank you

    • Hi Laura,
      Thank you for your commen. Sorry to hear you are having difficulties. I have replied via email. Please let me know if you have further questions. You are welcome to email me if eSier to place your order. Best regards

    • Vanessa Edwards

      Hi there I placed on order with requests for extras in notes section and selected cash on delivery to pererenan for tomorrow. However now I canโ€™t seem to locate any confirmation email or anything?
      Please let me know

  6. Hello

    How much is delivery and is there a minimum spend?

    • Hi Katy,
      There is no minimum spend. Delivery fee is charged depending where you are staying. It ranges between 30,000 $3 to 250,000 $25 to places like Ubud or Uluwatu. A drop down menu appears at check out where you enter the suburb and it adds the delivery charge. Any other questions please dont hesitate to contact me. Thank you Silv

  7. Hi Kristy, this is awesome.. weโ€™ll be in Bali May 15th-20th.. can I arrange delivery for my 8mths old..?

  8. Marija Harris

    Hi there
    you come highly recommended in Sydney!
    We are travelling to Bali on the 3rd June for 2 weeks with 6 mth old and toddler. I am bringing some food from home but would like to have some fresh meals and yoghurt for my 6mth old while there. Do you deliver everywhere, first week we’re staying in Legian and second in Pedang Pedang where I doubt there’s freezer storage (we’d need fresh). Do you have a minimum order? Do I order for both weeks and then split it up? How often do you deliver? THANKS!

    • Hi Marija,
      Thank you for getting in touch. Yes we deliver to both places. A delivery fee will apply. Best to place 2 orders. Our meals can last 3 days in the fridge so we can deliver frozen? The yogurts are fresh and we will get them delivered the same day we deliver to you. Look forward to your order. Bet you can’t wait to start your holiday.
      Best regards Silv

  9. Hello we are currently in Bali and may be stuck for a few days due to volcano. How early do we need to place order for food delivery for Sunday and also do you sell baby formula?
    Thank you

  10. Rochelle

    We will be staying in seminyak in a couple of wils and am wanting to order some goodies for my 8 month old as well as some healthy treats for myself, i was wandering how far in advance do we need to order? And how long do items last frozen? Thanks x

  11. Dear Silv,

    Can you tell me what the delivery fee would be to Seminyak, Ubud, Canggu and Uluwatu?

    Thanks in advance

    Best regards,


    • Hi Laura,
      The fees are prices are applicable after at check out. Seminyak 75k ($7) Ubud 280k ( $28) Canggu 50k ($5) Uluwatu 250k ($25)

      Thank you kindly Silv

  12. Amber Johns

    Hi Silv- I am travelling to bali on friday and want to order some food for my 9 month old. If I order today can I specify a delivery date (I will need it fresh- no freezer)? Will you deliver on a saturday to Nusa dua? Please let me know! Thanks.

    • Hi Amber,
      Yes you can specify a time and date. we are currently busy so if we need to reschedule the time we will send you an email prior to the delivery. We deliver to Nusa Dua and the products are delivered frozen.

      Thank you kindly Silv

  13. Hi Silv- Ive sent an email through the website. We arrive in bali late tomorrow night, I hope to ahve food for my baby for saturday. Will you deliver to Nusa Dua on saturday if I order online tomorrow?
    Cheers- Amber

  14. laura_wijsman

    Dear Silv,

    We just placed an order with order number 15740 but forgot to add one extra textured sweet potato&spinach. Can you please at this to the order.

    Thank you very much.

    Kind regards,
    Laura Wijsman

  15. Teighan Hansen

    Im placing an order can i request something. My son 11m loves textured sweet potato, carrot and pumpkin. I mix with chicken, spaghetti pasta and with broc/cauli etc. its a good one and super healthy. Could this be done. I leave in 4wks staying at dynasty kuta. Thanks silv

  16. amy.milonas

    Hello, I have put through an order today but need delivery sooner than Monday.. is that possible at all? ๐Ÿ™‚ thank you, Amy Milonas

  17. Hi, we are currently in legian for the next 4 days then heading to Uluwatu for 5 days and finding it hard get my 15 month old to eat. I am interested in your service; we donโ€™t have heating facilities in our room, so how does the food come? Are they all frozen? Looking at getting lunch and dinners.

  18. Jess Axelsen

    Hi there,
    I was just wondering if you delivered to Nusa Lembongan or even to the area in which we will transfer via boat to the island at all? We are headed to Nusa Lembongan for 3 nights/4 days before returning to Seminyak for a 6 night/7 days stay. We were hoping to place two orders, one for the island and then one for when we are back on mainland.
    Thanks in advance.

  19. Viktoria


    If I make an order food will Be delivered frozen , not Fresh? Where people usually warm the freeze food if we donโ€™t use microwave?

  20. Hello! Is it possible to buy baby purees in the shop or only online with delivery?
    Thank you in advance!

  21. Sara Papadopoulos

    Hello! I was hoping to order some meals for my babe but wonโ€™t let me select another country for billing info. Iโ€™m Australian traveling to Bali on Thursday! Thanks, Sara

  22. Camilla Maria Ditting

    Hi there we are staying in Goya Boutique with our 8 month old. We would need meals for one week. To you ship one time and the food will be ok in the fridge or do you deliver two times? Please call me on my Indonesian number. Kind regards. Camilla

  23. Hi Silvia,

    How quickly can you deliver to Canggu?

  24. Sophia Thomson

    Hello, we are arriving in Seminyak 11 Aug and will be there until 16 Aug. We are then in Nusa Dua from 16-19 Aug. I would like to order meals for my 7 month old for both locations. Can you please contact me with the best way to do this and how much delivery etc will be. Cheers.

  25. Hi,
    What are the meal options for an 11 month old? Iโ€™m thinking about purchasing purรฉes but also interested in some of the softer toddler meals as well. Also is there enough time to make an order for delivery on 24/09?

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