Fresh Fruit Smoothie & Popsicles

Fresh Fruit Smoothie & Popsicles

There’s nothing better than cooling down with a popsicle especially in the mist of Bali heat. To be honest it doesn’t matter if you are in Bali or anywhere else, a good icy treat on a stick or in a bowl is the way to go! My next guest blog post is definitely one amazing woman. Debbie @greensmoothiegourmet shares enticing raw vegan smoothies, desserts and plant-based recipes whilst developing websites for non profit organizations and dedicating her time as an editor @thefeedfeed

Mornings can be rather hectic with kids: getting them dressed for school, preparing snacks, lunches and the mind boggling question…What should I give my kids for breakfast ??? Personally I love having a surprise element to start the day. Not only does it make for a greater day ahead but seeing smiles on kids faces in the morning can only be a great thing. Right? I totally love Debbie’s simple and easy recipes that will not only make your kids smile, surprise them but also nourish them with the best notion of thinking outside the box.
Children are growing by the minute and constantly burning energy, they need a nutritious breakfasts and snacks, and parents need these to be easy to make, and attractive to children.

Today I share two recipes with you that are both easy to make and that children love to gobble down!

This post was originally written as a guest post for Silvija Rumiha, founder of Bali-based children’s food provider at Not only does Silvija’s company sell fresh purees for babies, she is also a big proponent of helping the community learn about the importance of nutrition in children. Toward that end, Silvija asked me to share easy healthy recipes to encourage the mothers of Bali to feed their children healthy easy meals made from whole food ingredients.

So we shared with her two easy healthy recipes: Melon Yogurt Parfait Pops and Melon Yogurt Smoothie Bowls topped with fruits.

How to Make Melon Yogurt Parfait Pops


  1. Crush graham crackers, line small paper cups.
  2. Chop the melon into bits, stir into yogurt, pour mixture into paper cups, top with more graham cracker crumbs, pop in wooden spoon for handle. Freeze at least over night: to serve, rip off paper and hand them over. Easy snack, done!
  3. How to Make Melon Yogurt Smoothie Bowl
  4. Use mini cookie cutters to cut stars, hearts and other shapes out of the melon slices.Toss remaining melon remnants into a blender along with yogurt, and blend smooth.
  5. Pour into a bowl, sprinkle with cut out melons, other fresh fruits and granola.


Children are so entranced with the fun shapes, they often gobble down this bowl before they realize they’ve had a nutritious meal! Easy breakfast, done!



  1. Use seasonal, locally sourced organic produce as much as possible as it retains a higher nutritional content than imported and out of season produce.
  2. Replace Graham Biscuits with home made ones or Marie Biscuits

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