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As a mum I totally understand what it is like travelling with little children and trying to source good meals on the go especially in Bali can be stressful.  We also understand that preparing good wholesome, organic baby and kids food at home can be time consuming, often leaving you to miss out on spending quality time with them.  We give you the time to spend with your family and do all the shopping, preparing and cooking.

Mini Muncher source the highest quality ingredients, organic produce and organic meats and turn these into delicious baby and kids meals that are delivered to your home, villa or hotel in Bali. We have created meals to entice baby and kids and to gradually expand and help develop taste buds and curiosity about food.

Many of our baby, toddler and kids meals contain nourishing herbs and spices and we encourage parents or caregivers to try our meals so that they know exactly what their children are having. I am a firm believer that sitting down with babies and kids at meal times will help encourage them to eat a wide variety of food.

Children learn by watching us parents and mimic what we do and this is the very reason how our new Mighty Muncher  range was born. Mighty Muncher is suitable for toddlers (depending on what stage of eating they are at) kids and parents. Designed so that kids see parents enjoying delicious and colourful foods that they would to try too. Ideal to share and help entice new adventures with food, flavours and textures.


  1. Any other selection of foods in gojek that I can take a look?
    Looks like only few there…

  2. Hi, How long can I keep unopened food in refrigerator?
    And how long is the shipping process, can i do same day/next day order via web? I plan to traveling with my baby for 4 days on next sept, and I worry about other baby food there, and glad i found this web.

    • Hi Eva,
      The food lasts 2-3 days in the fridge. Yes you can order same day for delivery however I strongly recommend ordering in advance as items sell quickly and sometimes in bulk. We make meals every day in small batches and usually are stocked up with all flavors however we are increasingly busy and August and September are already showing a lot of orders. Please get in touch if you have any further questions.
      Thank you kindly

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