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Smooth Apple

Smooth Apple Apple purees are a great first food that babies love. Filled with fibre, iron, potassium, antioxidants that boost immunity and promote digestion. Mini Muncher Smooth Apple Puree is rich in dietary fiber, antioxidant, contains vitamin C, B, B6 and helps the body develop resistance againts infectious agents. Use […]


Overnight Chia Pudding With Maqui Berry

Hi lovelies! I haven’t made a #chiapud for a little while and my little girl was requesting one for this mornings breakfast. I used @chia_natures Organic Maqui Berry Powder (purple being her favourite colour next to pink) mixed into the overnight soaked Organic Chia seeds from @chia_natures in almond milk. The maqui berry is an amazing […]

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Banana Mini Pancakes

Sunday vibes with Banana Mini Pancakes mixed summer berries, cherries and yogurt  My Nephew and Niece were asking me to make them something for breakfast. They told me they were a bit sceptical about eating a healthy breakfast! To their own surprise they demolished each of their stack and asked […]