Dairy Free Chocolate Banana Porridge Rp. 52.900

AUD $5.87

Start the day right with a scrumptious breakfast packed with nutrition that both kids and adults will love. Top it with your favorite toppings or enjoy it just the way it is. This is a firm favorite at our home for breakfast!


Who doesn’t like a bit of chocolate for breakfast? This porridge is super scrumptious and is packed with nutrition for a perfect start to the day. Full of fiber and oats that release energy slowly through out the day and naturally sweetened with banana. We add flaxseed meal for a burst of Omega-3 and raw cacao to boost antioxidant levels making it that extra bit special.

Suitable for 10 months plus and adults

Serving Size : 200g

Ingredients: organic coconut water, organic coconut milk, organic oats, organic banana, flax seed meal, organic raw cacao, cinnamon

Healthy baby toddler kids delivery food catering Bali using organic ingredients where ever possible.


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