Starting Your Baby on Solid Food

Starting Your Baby on Solid Food

Starting your precious baby on solids is an exciting milestone and for some parents a daunting experience. As parents we guide our babies and children into the world of foods, explosion of tastes and textures that are available.Β When first starting on solids it is extremely important to remember that your babies stomach is the size of their fist and that their intake of food will be small. Most common advice is to begin giving your baby solids at 6 months of age however every child is different. Look for signs to see if your baby is ready to take their first mouthful of food. I started my kids on sold food at different ages to each other. My daughter had the signs early and was wanting solid foods when she was around 5 months however my son was slightly slower and I began feeding him solids around 6 months of age.

Signs that indicate your child is ready for solid food include:

Can your baby sit up on their own and sit well in a high chair?
Does your babies eyes follow your food or try to grab your food whilst you are eating?
Has your babies sleep pattern changed?
Is your baby irritable and crying more or seems hungry after a feedings if breast milk or formula?
Is your baby teething?

Never push your baby into starting solids and don’t feel disheartened if your baby rejects their first spoonful of food. When they are ready their mouth will open wide and the feeding journey will commence.
I’m a firm believer, as are many other experts, that choosing organic foods is especially important for infants. Reducing your babies chemical exposure is vital due to their small, under developed body size and inability to process toxins in a manner that a more mature body can. Building a path to a life long healthy eating habit begins with the food your baby eats early on in life. Choosing seasonal, local, organic, whole foods are essential to your babies development. Until the age of 1 NO sugar or salt should be added to your babies food. I personally didn’t give either salt or sugar to my little ones way beyond their 2nd birthday and wholeheartedly believe that feeding your baby organic produce helps your baby to thrive and reach their full potential.

Begin with vegetables and follow by the sweet tasting fruits. For a solid food chart for babies 4-12 months click HERE Always remember the 4 day wait rule when starting your baby on solids. This means to offer your baby the same food for 4 days before introducing a new flavour. This is very important as it assists in finding out if your baby has any allergies or intolerances. Once your baby has had a variety of first foods successfully you can introduce mix flavours and combinations of your choice and altering of textures.

I am extremely thrilled to have started Mini Muncher to be able to provide nutritious baby foods that are organic, local, seasonal using whole foods, preservative free, additive free and without any sugar or salt and to help educate others on healthy eating for babies, kids and the entire family. My children have been brought up the Mini Muncher way and are both wonderful little eaters.




  1. So true! Starting your baby on solid foods IS scary! Specially because you want to be very sure of what you feed your kid. I’ve always believed that organic is the way to go!

  2. Thanks for your great advice.My first went to late for solid but my second he was really at four.Just because he was so active doing everything fast.He’s a bit late on sitting.But I’ve start solids at 5 and all good.Thanks again.

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