The Journey To Health

The Journey To Health



Embarking on a healthy lifestyle can be rather daunting for some, especially in the very beginning.  Where do I begin? and what should I do first? are common questions you might ask yourself when wanting to start the transition to being healthy.  Making small changes in the beginning is a leap into the right direction. Concentrating on one or 2 things at a time is key to begin your journey, be it alone or together with the family. Below I’ve outlined  some rather simple tips for you to think about and start with. Perhaps choosing 2 of these and once you are confident these have been achieved then move onto another. Remember that a healthier you or child doesn’t happen  over night but grows better with time when nurtured correctly.Making a Plan


An important first step is making a plan and setting out some goals you wish to achieve over time. Putting pen to paper or keeping a journal/diary or on your PC, helps you get focused and committed to a better you.  Write down what changes you would like to make, how you would like to achieve these changes and how long for. Involve your GP, nutritionist or simply your family and discuss the changes together and make plans a family unit. This is particular important for older children as it is a starting point for discussions in the future and gives them the sense of being important and that their opinions do in fact matter.


When it comes to making life style and dietary changes it is highly important to take it slow. Choosing one aspect for instance, increasing more vegetables into your diet and then once achieved moving onto something else like reducing the amount of refined sugar in the family diet. Keeping a positive frame of mind and accepting that there will be times of difficulty is a great approach rather than abandoning hopes all together for a healthier future.


Children learn more from what they see then what they are told. Sitting down as a family for meal times encourages children to eat better as they watch and observe what we as parents do. I am  firm believer that children who eat together with the family have better eating habits in the future. Making meal times a pleasant occasion with light discussion encourages children to feel at ease at meal times enticing them to eat more.


Involve your children in food shopping and preparing the meals. Children are generally more willing to eat or try foods that they help prepare. Make it a fun experience by using animal cutters in fruit or getting your children to assist in measuring flour or liquids for a particular recipe.  It is an opportunity as well to begin teaching your children about nutrition and wholesome food.


Drinking water is a starting point to a healthier you. Staying hydrated, especially in this warm climate, is important for overall health and wellness both mentally and physically.  Make the change today to drink more water instead of drinks high in sugar like soft drinks, pre packaged fruit juices and milk with added flavours. Make it a habit to drink 2 liters of water every day. If its not your thing then add in some lime or lemon for a bit of flavour for both you and your children.

What were your first steps to a healthier you? I’d love to hear your journey and progress. Please comment below how you began. If you are at the starting point and need a helping hand don’t hesitate to get in touch. If there is something in particular you would like discussed let me know.

Love and light to you all with many healthy blessings

Silv xx

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